What’s the difference between the pronouns, “which”, “that” and “who”, and what do they have to do with crocodiles?

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IELTS is a great choice for an exam that prepares you for life at a university in the UK, the US or Australia. Find out more about how it compares to other university-level exams here.

ABC Learn English provides a free IELTS video course consisting of 3 series, each one with 26 ten-minute episodes. That’s 13 solid hours of free IELTS tuition!

The video above is an example of one of the episodes. They take a short, real-world video and analyse an aspect of the language used. In this case, they look at defining and non-defining relative clauses… and crocodiles.

After watching, download the study notes and activity sheet, which focus on how we connect words together when we speak.

The videos may be a few years old now but the course remains a fantastic resource for anyone who takes their exam preparation seriously. Find the entire 3 series here:

Series 1       Series 2       Series 3



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