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At ESL Lounge, you can find simple practice exercises for grammar, reading, listening and exams at a range of different levels.

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Category: grammar; reading; listening; exams

 • • • • • • basic • • • • • •

This is a simple website but it’s good for extra practice if you want to do more exercises outside your classes.

It’s not all grammar but it is mostly exercises. There are intermediate reading exercises, listening exercises and vocabulary exercises. You submit your answers and the website tells you if you got it right.

There are two Grammar sections: one for explanations and one for exercises. The best thing is to open both sections at the same time, try the exercise and look at the explanation if you need it.

Let’s try it! The green button takes you to an exercise about using “get” in passive sentences. The purple one takes you to the explanation. How many can you get right?

Go to exercise!        Go to explanation!

 • • • • • • medium • • • • • •

ESL Lounge is a fairly simple website – there are no bells and whistles – but if you’re looking to practice specific skills or grammar points, it’s a decent resource.

Medium level students may find some of the basic resources useful (see section above) because the website jumps directly from “intermediate” to “advanced”.

“Advanced” level resources include reading exercises, listening exercises and vocabulary exercises. Submit your answers and the website tells you if you got it right.

Specific to the medium level are the exam resources for Cambridge First Certificate. Everybody loves the “Key Word Transformation” section. Let’s see if you do too!

Go to exercise!

 • • • • • • higher • • • • • •

Higher level students will definitely find some of the medium resources useful (see section above).

Specific to the higher level are exam resources for Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency, as well as IELTS and TOEFL.

Are you looking to practise for the IELTS Speaking Exam? Grab a friend and get started here.

Speaking test 1



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