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Test English is a great place to do a little extra practice and it also gives you feedback on your answers.

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Category: grammar

 • • • • • • basic • • • • • •

Can you remember what we use different tenses for? Or how about articles: when do we use “the”, “a” or no article?

Test English has a very detailed grammar section and makes it clear what you’re practising. It has bold, colourful images, which make it nicer to look at and easier to use than most free grammar websites.

Each grammar point comes with explanations and three pages of questions.

The button below will take you to the exercises. Click the first image to revise the difference between using the present simple and the present continuous. Easy, right?

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 • • • • • • medium • • • • • •

We don’t learn grammar in a linear way so you may wish to explore more than one level on this website. Read the basic section above to get a general idea of how it works.

The website’s B1+ section looks at some subtler points and also goes over some of the points already covered at the previous level.

The button below will take you to medium level exercises. Click the first image to practice your question formation. Remember that there are three pages of exercises, and explanations if you need them. Good luck!

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 • • • • • • higher • • • • • •

Grammar never goes away and it’s always worth slowing down and revisiting the nuts and bolts of the language.

The website’s advanced section looks at some really beautiful/horrible nuances of grammar. You know that we invert some sentences even though they’re not questions, don’t you?

Well let’s not start at such heights. The button below will take you to the advanced section. Click the first image to revise the different uses of “have” and see if they come naturally to you. The feedback should help you identify any weak points.

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