Greta Thunberg is a 16 year-old climate activist from Sweden. She is a young woman on a mission, and has inspired countless people around the world to act on climate change. Greta has risen to a truly global level in just a year, and continues to work tirelessly for our future.

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Greta has influenced her generation to stand up and fight for their future world. She talks about the urgency and immediacy of the global problem. Let’s all take up her example and protest against our politicians who don’t seem to care about our future!

So Greta has lots of followers, but has been making a lot of enemies as well. Environmentalists are often attacked by big business and rumours and fake news gets circulated on the media and social networks to undermine their message. But Greta who sees things as very much black and white has no vested interests apart from attempting
to reverse the damage done by our modern way of living. Watch her at TED here!)

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