Get help with your pronunciation from native speakers! And help them with theirs.

Level:  basic

Category: pronunciation; writing; listening

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The idea behind RhinoSpike is very clever. Write a word list, sentence or paragraph in English which you would like to hear pronounced correctly. Send a request and a native speaker will record it for you.

That sounds fantastic. Is it free?


Try it!

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You can also listen to other people’s audio files. Some of them are very useful. Here is an irregular verb list spoken by a native speaker!

Irregular Verbs

And here’s a fortune teller predicting the future! When you listen, repeat what you hear at least ten times. Try to copy what they say exactly. Listen to the melody. Pause in the right places. Say important words more strongly.


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People will answer your requests more quickly if you help other people with their requests for a sentence in Spanish, Catalan or another language. To do this, you will need a way to record audio. On a PC, you could use the free software, Audacity. A fantastic free sound recorder for Android phones is Hi-Q.

This is a brilliant way to improve your pronunciation. I’m going to try it myself!



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