Three Essential Ingredients

Experienced teachers, a clear syllabus, and engaging content

Our mission is to provide in-company classes that are engaging and motivating for students, and also sufficiently structured to give direction to the course, allowing progress to be measured easily.

In the classroom, the most important asset in a language course is a good teacher who knows how to bring a class to life. That’s why we guarantee that our teachers have a minimum of 6 years’ experience. We are careful not to overload them with compulsory teaching material; they are professionals and we let them teach.

We also recognise the importance of a clear syllabus and we use an online reporting system to ensure that we can keep HR up-to-date with students’ progress.

A format to suit you

Face to Face

A teacher who visits you in person can really get to know you and your business, and brings a wealth of knowledge of the English language and Anglo-Saxon culture.


With a laptop and internet connection, you can receive the same high standard of teaching online to fit your variable travel plans and tight schedules.


A quick set-up and the flexibility to take your classes anywhere. You will also develop an invaluable set of skills, allowing you to handle calls calmly and professionally.

What do our courses offer?

Student-specific content

We understand that not everyone has the same needs, so we’ll work with you. Our teachers prepare and produce dynamic classes, tailored to fit. These could include improving fluency or focusing on pronunciation. Alternatively, practicing the language of meetings, small talk and networking might be more relevant. We’ll target the areas that you need the most.

The learner’s perspective

Our teachers teach in English but they are also learners of Spanish and/or Catalan. That means that they understand the student’s perspective; they can empathise and also understand the underlying reasons for the mistakes that students make.

Exploiting technology

Technology brings lots of opportunities for language students. The student section of our website is a fantastic place to engage with English materials and to communicate with other language learners. Our teachers are technophiles too. They will exploit a variety of resources in class and encourage their students to become autonomous learners outside the classroom.

Course Levels

We offer courses at all levels on the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR), from Elementary (A1) to Proficiency (C2), breaking each level down into two parts.

In undertaking our 25 and 33-week courses, we expect most students to be able to complete one level, equivalent to half a step on the CEFR.

It is critically important to take the pace of language development into account to avoid introducing students to material that they are not ready for, which is a common problem in English academies. The rate of progression of our courses has been carefully set to encourage realistic expectations, avoid learner frustration and aid genuine progress.

We understand that the development of language skills is not linear, so we’ve also built in a level to help overcome the “intermediate plateau”, between B1 and B2 levels.

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