Our courses follow a 50/50 approach: 50% is orientated around a syllabus which emphasizes speaking and listening skills, provides an underlying structure, and makes progress easy to measure.

The other 50% is personalised according to agreed course objectives and continual feedback throughout the course. This ensures that content is fresh, relevant and student-orientated, and that teachers can put their skills and experience into practice.

Syllabus and materials

Our syllabus is based on one of two textbooks produced by Oxford University Press:

English File and Business Result.

This is agreed with our client at the beginning of the course, depending on whether strictly business-related content is preferred over a more general course. For levels below intermediate, we recommend using English File.

At Teacher Collective, we use textbooks as a tool to help structure our courses and measure progress. We also think it’s important to spend time on the aspects of communication that a particular class needs most, and we cannot rely on a textbook alone to provide that.

Our teachers design, share and adapt materials that address those needs, utilising resource books, articles, role-plays, videos and web-based content, all of which adds up to a targeted but diverse English course fit for the 21st century.


Assessment and reporting

Students are continually evaluated throughout the course based on their skills in speaking, writing, reading and listening, as well as their interaction in class. Additionally, there is a written test at the end of each term to measure progress made in using the language and structures covered in the course.

Attendance, grades and reports are all submitted electronically via our online platform.

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