10 reasons why you'd best choose Teacher Collective

1. Unique “50/50” methodology

50% syllabus driven – emphasizes speaking and listening skills, provides an underlying structure, and makes progress easy to measure.
50% personalised – ensuring that content is fresh, student-orientated, and that teachers are given enough space to teach.

2. Fair pay means top talent

When it comes to selecting teachers, we set the bar very high, at 6 years’ experience plus further qualifications. The best teachers come to us because we offer great pay, and we retain them by providing an environment in which their teaching can flourish.

3. Autonomous learning in the 21st century

The internet is an incredible resource but how many English language learners know how to exploit it? Our dedicated online resource centre connects students to content at their level. We also include tools-based classes in our courses.

4. Automated attendance and reporting

Our attendance records can be checked online at any time, while student reports are submitted three times a year.

5. Efficient billing

Our billing is sent out automaticaly every month so you can run your business efficiently too.

6. Course subsidies

With Teacher Collective, you can get subsidies through the Fundación Estatal (formerly the Fundación Tripartita.) This can result in significant reductions in the cost of your English classes.

7. Flexible course format

You prefer face-to-face classes? Great! Virtual classes suit your schedule better? Fine. The only time you have to improve your English is in the car on the way to work? No problem. We’ll fit in with your schedule.

8. Events in English

We invite you to events throughout the year to give you practice in the real world, from ping-pong in the park to a night at the cinema.

9. The learner’s perspective

Our classes are given in English but we’re also learners of your languages. That means we can truly understand our students and bring the learner’s perspective to our teaching.

10. The learning process

The rate of progression of our courses has been carefully set to encourage realistic expectations, avoid learner frustration, and aid genuine progress. We’ve even built in a level to ensure that intermediate students keep moving forwards.

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