Our courses follow a 50/50 approach: 50% is orientated around a syllabus which emphasizes speaking and listening skills, provides an underlying structure, and makes progress easy to measure.

The other 50% is personalised according to agreed course objectives and continual feedback throughout the course. This ensures that content is fresh, relevant and student-orientated, and that teachers can put their skills and experience into practice.

Classes by telephone

For those on an extremely tight schedule or who are regularly away on business, telephone classes provide the most flexible opportunity to practise and improve your English. As with our face-to-face and virtual courses, you get an experienced teacher and a course designed to be both structured and personalised.

Syllabus and materials

Our telephone syllabus differs in that it is not underpinned by a coursebook. This allows for greater adaptability to your particular circumstances, minimising the materials that you need to participate in the course. You can also purchase classes in 6-hour bundles, rather than committing to a lengthier period of time.

We remain committed to a course that balances structure with personalisation, such that 50% of the material follows a pre-defined syllabus while 50% is decided and sourced by the teacher.

Our teachers design, share and adapt materials that address the specific needs of the student, utilising resource books, articles, role-plays and web-based content. All of this adds up to a targeted but diverse English course fit for the 21st century.

Assessment and reporting

Students are continually evaluated throughout the course based on their speaking skills and improvements in targeted areas. Attendance, grades and reports are all submitted electronically via our online platform.

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