This series of English videos will make you laugh while you pick up some really useful, natural phrases and learn how to avoid common mistakes.

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Category: listening, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, speaking

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Your host, Gideon, is from London and has a very natural, down-to-earth approach and a real talent for comedy as the video above proves!

The “Let Them Talk TV” Youtube channel specialises in idiomatic language, grammar tips and pronunciation.

How can you speak more like a native speaker? How can you sound more polite? And that old mystery: when is it right to use the present perfect?

There are also several videos on preparing for job interviews: “How to write a cover letter“; “How to answer the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’” question; and “10 Tips for passing a job interview

Click the button below to see all of his videos. You’ll be glad that you did!

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