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Have you ever thought of listening to the radio in English?

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When I was at school, my language teachers told me to listen to French or German radio to get used to hearing the language every day. But I lived in England so it wasn’t very easy to find the right channel. Of course, that was before the internet!

Nowadays, it’s easy to listen to British radio stations from anywhere in the world!

InternetRadioUK has hundreds of channels to choose from. You can search and listen to different music styles, news, arts, sport and talk radio or just choose a channel at random.

Go to website!

If you prefer to listen on your phone, download one of the apps below:

Android    Apple

Some of the best channels are from the BBC, which each have a different focus :

BBC Radio 1     Chart music, popular music

BBC Radio 2     Classic hits, popular music, light entertainment

BBC Radio 3     Classical music, opera, culture, arts

BBC Radio 4     Spoken-word programmes: news, drama, comedy, science and history

BBC Radio 5     Sports (Live events are not available outside the UK)

BBC Radio 6     Alternative music



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