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Emailing in a second language can be demanding: how you approach your contacts can have a huge effect on how they feel about receiving your email and how they respond.

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The vast majority of business correspondence is through email. We’ve previously included a post with links to exercises and key vocabulary for business emails.

But now let’s consider some subtleties of tone and context and how you can fine-tune your emails for specific purposes. The best way to do this is to look at real-life examples.

Dmitry Dragilev is a Public Relations expert and has taken the time to collect and analyse well-written business emails for different purposes.

His article is rather lengthy, so I’d like to highlight 3 types of business email that he discusses.

#1 – Introducing yourself to a new contact


#2 – Follow-up to a phone call

Follow up

#3 – Getting back in touch after a long time with no contact

Get back in touch

For more examples of genuine emails, where you might be able to pick up some useful phrases and ideas, try



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