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VOA Learning English has two video courses: Let’s Learn English 1 and Let’s Learn English 2. Both of them contain 52 videos! Decide which level is best for you. If you watch one every week, you can really improve your English in just one year! The presenters are quite funny, which makes it a fun way to learn.

There are also news articles at “Level 1” and “Level 2“, which you can read and listen to at the same time. Sometimes there’s a video as well.

Try this article about a technology that recognizes people from the way they walk. The most difficult words are explained at the end. After reading and listening, do the quiz to check your understanding.

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The English courses on VOA Learning English are aimed at lower levels but there’s still a lot of great material for all levels.

How are your English idioms? There are two sections that can help you here: “English in a minute” and “English @ the movies”. Both sections are accessible from the “Video” option on the top menu.

Find out about the meaning of the idiom “by hook or by crook” here!

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