We Value Great Teachers

If you’re a great teacher, you deserve more than an average school.

Firstly, you’ll need to have a fair bit of experience: at least six years teaching English as a foreign language. We have a commitment to providing companies and individuals with real English teachers, not simply English people who like to travel.

You’ll also need to be qualified, and by that we mean a CELTA and then some. If you can show that you take language and teaching seriously enough to have pursued it beyond the basic qualification, we’d like to hear from you. So that could be a PGCE or certification as an examiner, or perhaps you have a DELTA or a Master’s in TESOL.

Teacher Collective works because we can provide a better service than our competitors, and that means ensuring that our teachers really are the cream of the crop.

Work with us

Teacher Collective is a group of well qualified, experienced and passionate teachers who give classes of the highest quality. We believe that by bringing the best teachers together, we can provide the best service.

If you’re a freelance language teacher, don’t hesitate to send us your details if you think you’d fit in.

What’s more, we can help you with clients who don’t want to work directly with “autónomos”. You can bring them to Teacher Collective and teach with us. Like an upside-down academy, teachers get the lion’s share and admin is kept light, while clients get added value.

We also pay commission for any clients that you bring to the collective, whether you teach the classes yourself or not.

That sounds fantastic! More details, please.

Please send us a message if you’d like to find out more.

If you do not wish to continue receiving our commercial communications later, you can revoke the consent by sending an email to info@teachercollective.com with the word BAJA.