Can you tell when someone’s lying? That’s the idea of this comedy TV show.

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“Would I Lie To You?” is a popular TV panel show where comedians tell each other stories and have to decide whether they’re true or false.

In this video clip, Rhod Gilbert, who speaks with a Welsh accent, explains how one of his friends was taken to hospital because of a translation mistake!

The excellent “Help Yourself To English” website has prepared some listening exercises to guide you through the video above. It will also give you some practice forming clarifying questions in English. Read a little more about the show and do the exercises here:

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If you like “Would I Lie To You?”, why not check out this illustrated scene from “Anglonerd”. They’ve turned a clip from the show into a cartoon strip, which you can read through before you watch the clip itself. The person telling the story speaks in a Glaswegian accent (from Glasgow, Scotland.) The story is about accidentally buying a horse!




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