When I see my students’ presentations, it’s often the end that lets them down.
Make yourself look professional by knowing exactly how to finish strongly.

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Category: vocabulary; speaking

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The Business of English is a series of fifteen 10-minute videos introducing you to some key language for doing business in English.

This episode is all about knowing what to say at the end of a presentation, whether you’re the main speaker or one of the listeners.

If you’re giving the presentation, what’s the best way to finish? What happens if someone asks a question and you’re not sure about the answer?

If you’re a listener, what do you say if there’s something you want to know more about or something you didn’t fully understand?

Watch the video above and make a note of language that you think would be useful to you. Make sure you use it at the end of your next presentation.

If you found this video useful, you can find the whole series here:

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