Alan got into teaching by fluke after originally working in electronics and television engineering. He first came to Barcelona for a week in 1997 and ended up settling here just before the turn of the millennium.
After teaching English for a few years he wanted to help non-native speakers give really great presentations, moving beyond the standard phrases, setting them free from the constraints of grammatical accuracy, and letting them into the secrets of oratory which work in any language.
With a mix of voice, language, structure, and gesture training, the resulting skills have opened new doors for hundreds students and professionals in Barcelona and Spain. «There is always a ‘wow!’ factor when someone exceeds their expectations and that’s what gives me my greatest reward», he says, «and I know their next presentation is going to get them noticed.»
Alan lives just outside Barcelona with his wife, three children and large cat.


Public Speaking in English, In company classes for business and professionals.

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