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Everyone dreads speaking in public and even worse in English, but if done well it can be a brilliant passport to promotion, and a great way to inspire and impress.

In this workshop Peter Gardiner and Mike Lee, both experienced and qualified trainers, will teach you the language and techniques as well as the soft skills to become a master at effective presenting in English.

Language Skills covered:

  • Pronunciation: stress and intonation (the rise and fall of the voice) and stress (some sounds in words and some words in sentences are louder or clearer than others);
  • Signposting: used for structuring your talk so that the audience knows where your leading them;
  • Clarifying so as to deliver a memorable condensed message.


  • Rhetorical language to add impact and vitality;
  • Non verbal communication to instil trust and bond with audience;
  • Coping with nerves.

Hands on:

  • All participants will be actively involved in putting into practice these lessons and presenting to the class.
  • These short presentations will be videoed for your own private and personal use.

Who is it for?

To really take profit of this seminar you need a good B2 (upper-intermediate) level.
  • This workshop is perfect for anyone who has to give talks at Congresses or to the board or to their department or on foreign business trips.

What you’ll learn?

The course will teach you functional language, techniques and the non verbal skills necessary to be an effective presenter.

What’s more you’ll get lots of practice allowing you to take ownership of new language and skills and get closer to being a master at public speaking.

(Aprenderás las técnicas y claves de oradores profesionales y cómo aplicarlas en tus propias presentaciones.

El curso permite aprender, practicar y desarrollar habilidades.)


Peter Gardiner, BSc Economicas, from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh; fundador de Go English, especialista en formación corporativa de idiomas.
Peter cuenta con 20 años de experiencia formando a profesionales para hablar inglés en público.
Fundó Go English en 2001 y fundó Teacher Collective en 2017. C
omo consultor de formación de idiomas ha trabajado con múltiples empresas de primer nivel en España, entre ellas La Caixa, T-Systems, Agbar y Vueling.

Mike Lee, a highly qualified and experienced teacher and coach, holding Master’s degrees from Cambridge and London Universities.

The talk we gave was a great inspiration at Mayo Clinic. Thanks again Peter. My trusty coach! ”, Xavier Gallart, Senior Orthopedic Surgeon, Hospital Clinic, Barcelona.

Pre-course preparation

For practice purposes, you’ll be expected to bring along:

  • a five-minute introductory presentation
  • a ten-minute work-related presentation or a subject that you have to/will have to speak on, which you’ve designed. You’ll work on this presentation during the course

(Please make sure your work-related presentation doesn’t exceed ten minutes.)

9.15 h. Presenting the seminar

9.30 h. Sesión I Engagement

  • involve your audience
  • First impressions count
  • Connect on an emotional level
  • Catch their attention

10.30 h. Sesión II Non Verbal the 3 Vs

  • Verbal is only 7%
  • Voice; Intonation: sound enthusiastic
  • Visual: Non verbal communication

11.30 h. Pause for coffee

12.00 h. Sesión III Vision the 4th V

  • Clarify your message
  • Visualise the reaction
  • Anticípate a las preguntas

13.00 h. Sesión IV The Shape

  • Common structures
  • Signposting
  • Anocdotes

14.00 h. Lunch

15.30 h. Sesión V Energize

  • Retorical language
  • Impacting language
  • Stress and intonation

16.30 h. Sesión VI Practice Practice Practice!

  • Your go at rehearsing your presentations
  • Constructive feedback from peers
  • Improve and Develop
  • Do it again and have it recorded!!!
  • Take it home and do it again

Learning Outcomes:

This mastery course will help you to:

  • better influence English-speaking audiences
  • deliver your messages with more clarity
  • use more effective language
  • improve your English pronunciation
  • make a greater impact in English


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